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Mon Jan 19 02:06:25 GMT 2009

Hi Felicia,

Its always nice to hear from enthusiastic people switching to Linux,
especially Ubuntu.  So first, welcome to Ubuntu's portion of the world of
Linux!  I hope it brings more enjoyment to your computer experience then

Lets see, there are a number of consultants on the mailing list, but their
availability varies.  I am pretty sure someone will be able to do some
in-person training/support.  If no one else responds, let me know.  Though
I've been moving away from those type of activities, I can certainly help

Last, for the font and monitor issues, I am not sure if you are having
specific issues or just looking for some guidance.  If there are specific
issues, and you can give some details, myself or others can certainly
provide some online email help.  This type of help might not be as important
if someone has availability for you, but feel free to mail the list.


On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 10:51 AM, felicia wichrowski <felicia02652 at
> wrote:

>  Greetings Ubuntu Enthusiasts!!
> I have just received my freedom with  a DELL XPS M1530 laptop after 10
> years of windoz bondage.  I am seeking to meet with someone who is well
> educated in Unix/Linux (and Ubuntu) to address these tasks:
> Font and monitor display issues (for use with Scribus and Gimp)
> understanding F-Spot photo management  ( or alternative )
> installing Compiz and getting that cube up and running...maybe with the
> fishtank effects
>    ( love that's like the Borg and I want to assimilate!)
> importing my music and organizing  playlists on a flash drive
> Getting GNUcash installed...I will need to enter business data from
> Quickbooks.
> Possible help relaunching blog on Wordpress platform.
> I run a small seasonal business on Cape Cape Cod, so I have an open
> schedule.   I am willing to travel and provide cash compensation to my
> Linux Geek.  If you  know of someone who can assist me I will be ever so
> thankful. Thank you!
> Felicia
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