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Wubi uses the win32 version of grub which is called from the NTLDR
Windows uses. It has a bug in it that has trouble finding the boot
loader which resides on an NTFS partition which is fragmented. I would
suggest defragging the drive wubi is installed on as much as you can.
Close ALL applications and services as possible and defrag. Possibly
defrag while in safe mode.

As for VMWare, virtual machines in vmware are not capable of 3D
acceleration which is what a compositing window manager (compiz)
requires. Sun just recently added 3D capability to it's virtual machine
manager VirtualBox. Unfortunately, it only works for OpenGL in Windows.
But these shows promise of getting full 3D capability in a virtual machine.

Aaron Goodrum wrote:
> Support,
> I have 2 issues on 2 different systems.  First, I have a new system with
> an i7 965 Extreme chip with 6GB of memory running Windows Vista 64bit
> and I used the WUBI installer.  Installed without a hitch, until I
> rebooted into Ubuntu 8.10.  I receive an error message, "No root file
> system is defined.
> Please correct this from the partitioning menu."
> The other issue is I'm using Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro, 2.5GHz with 4GB
> of RAM with VMWare's Fusion....and I'm not able to enable any desktop
> apperance features.  I don't know why.  Thanks.
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