Error message with Ubuntu 8.10

Aaron Goodrum goodsupport at
Tue Jan 13 03:13:58 GMT 2009


I have 2 issues on 2 different systems.  First, I have a new system with 
an i7 965 Extreme chip with 6GB of memory running Windows Vista 64bit 
and I used the WUBI installer.  Installed without a hitch, until I 
rebooted into Ubuntu 8.10.  I receive an error message, "No root file 
system is defined.
Please correct this from the partitioning menu."

The other issue is I'm using Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro, 2.5GHz with 4GB 
of RAM with VMWare's Fusion....and I'm not able to enable any desktop 
apperance features.  I don't know why.  Thanks.
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