[ubuntu-us-ma] Tuesday12/1/09 at SETC

Timothy Konick konick781 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 04:06:33 GMT 2009

Hey Martin,
Good to hear from you.  Hope you are having a good time with your family and
The setc was good, I was thinking there would be more people but, there
Joe had an issue with his nvidia restricted driver, I was on the case
checking lsmod and
seeing if it was in use through restricted drivers(which were both positive)
driver(ver96) itself isn't an issue with his
Hp Pavillion zv5000, except for a multicolor test screen before gdm.  Then
Mr. Gray got everything sorted out by
just not using the restricted one and putting the generic back in
place(rolling back).
Thats not normal but not a big problem but, Joe wasn't feeling it though.
  There was another person on the phone that called in through Mel and James
the call not sure what it was.
I was joking that we should of have had you on webcam so you could still
Well hope all is well over there.
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