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Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 22:59:31 BST 2009


Looks awesome,

Except for the mention of system76, we shouldn't mention any sponsors
until we have conversations with them and on top of that you should add
a paragraph explaining that we've contacted various Ubuntu companies
such as System76, ZaReason etc to share in the promotional event.


On Sat, 2009-08-29 at 16:04 -0400, Danny Piccirillo wrote:
> And here is my first draft of a blog post for this. Again, let me know
> what you think! 
> Title: Can Ubuntu reach over 15,000 anime lovers in April?
> Can Ubuntu reach over 15,000 anime lovers in April? Of course it can,
> with the support of the rapidly expanding super mega awesome community
> (that's you guys)!
> Anime Boston returns for 2010 on April 2-4 and i will be organizing a
> booth for the Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community Team. Last year, i
> went in on behalf of the team and dropped off 50 copies of the Ubunchu
> Manga with Jaunty CDs attached and they were all gone within the first
> couple of hours of the first day of the convention (it seemed to be
> the only thing on the flyer table that people actually wanted). The
> event was amazing. There were people there from all over the country,
> even different parts of the world. Over 15,000 people attended and
> that number has risen from little over 4,000 since the first
> convention in 2003. For 2010, we're thinking big.
> Ubuntu really is a perfect candidate for the new OS of choice for all
> anime lovers, and that's exactly what we want to make it. Is there a
> more widespread, passionate and tight-knit, yet diverse and open
> minded, cultural phenomenon that we could target than anime?
> Convention goers are a great target audience. They tend to be slightly
> on the geeky side, but still cool of course, and very receptive to
> Ubuntu. With the right planning along with support from the community
> and maybe a couple of the big dogs, our goals are very attainable.
> So, what exactly will we be doing? We can approach this from a few
> angles, starting with setting up a booth in the Dealers' Room of the
> convention. From here, we can distribute freebies like Ubuntu LiveCDs,
> copies of the Ubunchu Manga, and materials on FOSS, Ubuntu, and our
> team. We can also offer live installs and do some cool demonstrations.
> It's important that we are smart about how we spread Ubuntu since
> buying a computer with Ubuntu pre-installed is the only way most
> people will ever switch. We're hoping companies
> like System76 and/or ZaReason will be willing to partner with us for
> the event in exchange for some heavy promotion so that we can provide
> a lot more. With additional funding we can sell Ubuntu merchandise
> like bootable USB drives and display some of their machines with anime
> themes (some good wallpapers from here and here). If possible, it
> would be awesome to auction or raffle off a customized laptop
> with anime themes and an Anime Boston design  laser etched into it.
> How cool would that be!
> Another great opportunity is distributing freebies in the Anime Boston
> registration bags. This would put our materials in the hands of every
> single convention attendee. That's over 15,000 people! Each one of
> them would be given a bundle including liveCD, a copy of the Ubuntu
> manga, and a brochure about FOSS, Ubuntu, our LoCo, our partner(s),
> and advertising our booth in the Dealers' Room.
> Lastly, i might also be signing up for a tech staff or volunteer
> position at the event so i can be an inside man solving problems and
> being a computer hero all the while spreading Ubuntu and recommending
> our partner(s) to everyone running the convention. During one of the
> main events at the 2009 convention, i remember hearing Windows error
> sounds!
> On top of all of this, i have a digital camcorder i can use to capture
> everything every step of the way. The video camera records in full HD
> and everything (Sony HDR-XR520V if you're curious). So not only would
> we have an immediate impact on everyone at the convention, but we can
> extend our reach to YouTube and continue to have an impact long after
> the convention closes its doors for the year.
> This is where all of you, the community, come in. We can't depend so
> much on sponsors for the event, so we're going to use the threshold
> pledge system to cover the costs of each idea we've had for the
> convention. This means that people can donate to our project without
> paying anything unless and until we meet our goal, ensuring that
> nobody pays for something that never materializes. Here is a list of
> the ideas so far on what we could offer in order of price:
>       * Demonstrations (Covered!)
>       * Live installations (Covered!)
>       * Talk about FOSS and our LoCo, promoting Ubuntu, and our
>         partner(s) (Covered!) 
>       * Get everything on video (Covered!)
>       * Sell USB drives with Ubuntu loaded on them  ($XX.xx)
>       * Sell other Ubuntu merchandise ($XX.xx)
>       * Freebies-- 16,000 copies of each: 
>               * Copies of the Ubunchu manga ($XX.xx)
>               * Bochures on Ubuntu, System76, and our LoCo ($XX.xx)
>               * Ubuntu LiveCDs with stickers referring to our LoCo and
>                 System76 ($XX.xx or a gift from Canonical/The Ubuntu
>                 Store)
>       * Display some System76 computers with anime themes($XX.xx)
>       * Raffle/auction a customized laptop with anime themes and an
>         Anime Boston design laser etched into it ($XX.xx)
>       * Make Ubuntu the preferred OS for anime lovers! (Priceless)
> The most important element of our presence at Anime Boston is the
> Ubunchu Manga so our first fundraising goal will be $XX.xx for 16,000
> copies! Please go to our campaign on The Point to
> donate: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/blahblahblahblahBLAH
> Also pitch us your ideas in the comments of this post and please
> subscribe to keep up with our fundraising! 

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