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Mon Mar 3 15:10:58 GMT 2008

what an amazing idea... Some of the fellows here are just really good at
command line and it wouldn't interest them, but command line means to me
"time for you to pull out the big heavy book" and it turns me off
immediately. Then i work on the easier project, Convincing myself that what
i wanted to do, wouldn't be that interesting, and i don't have to do it.
If i don't have it written down somewhere to copy to the command line, then
I'm lost. However, if you could do the command line in a more gui type
manner. For example, I HATE HTML, I can't do it...However, for one of those
live journal programs there was a gui for HTML...and it actually helped me
learn it, it wasn't stressful learning it, and eventually i got the basics
down and learned how to make a expenses chart with html, which i'm super
proud of.

Another thing with the command line. (I'm leftyfb's girlfriend) I watch
leftyfb do amazing things on it and i don't know where it's coming did he know he could type ifconfig, where is it written? You
know? So a teaching gui program would be amazing. Lefty sometimes tells me
how to do things on the command line, but as i'm typing i always put the
period or spell something one letter off, then it comes up as not a command
and it frustrates me more. I get super frustrated when the space is in the
wrong place. A space in the wrong place might take me from an hour to 4 days
to figure out my error.

So hopefully, this is what you mean that your software and demonstration is
about. If so, that's wicked rad. I would be very interested in that.

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