Next meeting/installfest

Martin Owens doctormo at
Mon Mar 3 04:39:05 GMT 2008

It would certainly be very interesting to see, how far have you got
with your project?

On 02/03/2008, Daniel Hollocher <ubuntu-us-ma at> wrote:
> Hey Aaron,
> I'm not totally sure of what to make of your email.  I have no idea what
> meeting is like, so its hard for me to judge what to do.  Here are my
> thoughts: At least a few weeks before the meeting, I can post a summary, and
> instructions on how to run a demo.  In whatever presentation I make, I will
> assume that you have looked at those postings, and that you have an
> understanding of what the current code does, in a basic way.  With that, I
> can just focus on what my inspiration for the project was, and where I see
> the project going.
> And to satisfy your desire for hints, here is the core vision (in one line):
> Instead of hiding the command line, have GUIs teach the command line.
> You can also check out the launchpad site where I have been posting the
> code:
> Dan

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