Ubuntu Dual Boot on XPS 710 w/RAID 0 and 3rd SATA drive?

Ralph deGennaro rmdegennaro-sort at ibexits.com
Fri Dec 19 02:54:53 GMT 2008

I actually do what maybe your attempting, but without RAID, on my test
machines.  Originally I install Windows when one drive was in (as SDA).
 Then moved it to SDC so I can install my regular linux install on one drive
(SDB, with its own boot loader) and install random test OS's on the regular
SDA.  Then I don't have to mess with boot loaders, just change BIOS
settings.  Well, I had to modify GRUB's menu.lst for the Ubuntu install on

But since you've got a RAID card, all bets are off.  I've seen it where you
can only boot off an array that is on the RAID card.  I had an old server
board that was 2 IDE channels of RAID and 1 non-RAID IDE.  It wouldn't boot
off a drive that wasn't in an array on the RAID channels.  But Windows and
Gentoo (what I was using at the time) would see drives not in an array after

Martin makes sense on what to try.  GRUB might be able to see the RAID array
and the single drive since it will be after the array is initialized.  Just
keep the install CD handy incase GRUB gets clobbered by Windows.

Oh, and word of warning, and I apologize if I'm stating the obvious.
 Changing the physical order of the drives will probably kill the array (and
windows along with it).

Anyways, if its not settled, I'll be available again after next week.  Let
me know.


On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 7:56 PM, Martin Owens <doctormo at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-12-18 at 19:47 -0500, Jim O'Beirne wrote:
> > Wow, looks like after a week of fighting with this, I have at least
> > found the right mailing list! Thanks so much everyone already for your
> > help.
> For sure! :-)
> > I have tried checking the BIOS to get to be able to show the 3rd drive
> > up for booting but to no avail. It shows when I boot into the live cd
> > and can install to it, and also when I boot into the RAID 0 with WinXp
> > it shows fully and properly partitioned .. within Micro-Suck Disc
> > Mangler (oops, Microsoft Disk Manager I mean, wink).
> The BIOS might not be able to do anything. The problem is that your
> trying to boot from a third disk when BIOS only supports 2 hard drives
> as possible boot candidates. What you need to do is boot from the first
> disk using grub which is looking at the 3rd disk for info.
> > To be honest, I am finding this pretty perplexing. Heck, I would be
> > willing to pay someone to help me get this done, I have "wasted" a ton
> > of time on this already. But, I WOULD like to know what I am doing
> > wrong and use this as a learning experience.
> Let me know where about it is you are, and perhaps we can arrange
> something. But be quick because Christmas is right here!
> Regards, Martin
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