Ubuntu Dual Boot on XPS 710 w/RAID 0 and 3rd SATA drive?

Jim O'Beirne jimobeirne at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 19:20:20 GMT 2008

Was hoping you may be able to help?


Here's the deal;

I have a Dell XPS 710 w/RAID 0 config which has my XP install on it, all
working fine and dandy.

Have installed a 3rd hard drive (500G Seagate) and trying to install Ubuntu
8.10 onto that as a dual boot. 

Have been able to run through setup/install numerous times, (like, 30??) but
keep having problems once it is done, think I specifically need help with

I've even attempted to install GRUB-> a flash drive but that still doesn't

Can't find a way to just install to the 3rd drive and have the XPS system
use that as a boot device using F12 for boot menu. Have checked through BIOS
for settings to change that also, no joy.



I've been fighting with this off and on for a week now L

Just tried calling into Dell support, a nice fellow in India told me they do
not support dual boot of Ubuntu so dead end there too.


Do you have any insight? Anyone else I could reach out to?



Thank you-


Jim O'Beirne

7 French St

Watertown, MA, 02472




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