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Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 19:16:08 GMT 2008

Like a lot of questions, It depends.

Sometimes we inside the community are not critical of the kinds of
mechanics that are in place to develop something we'd like to see. On
the other hand it's not very productive to complain about the work it's
self since you might as well complain at a tree for not producing good
enough apples.

As for Microsoft, they have bound themselves into a long term project
plan to produce something of quality. It's something they can be
measured by and which it's very easy to be critical of. It's also easy
to hold them to a lower quality mark because of their history and the
amount of criticism their business morality gets.

I don't know what WPClipart is, but openclipart.org has a whole load of
public domain clipart built specifically to add into openoffice,
inkscape, scribus etc.

Regards, Martin

On Thu, 2008-12-18 at 10:02 -0500, Joe Palladino (aka The Mindfulgeek)
> I was reading some of my back RSS feeds and I came across an article
> on Lifehacker about using WPClipart vs MS's free clipart gallery.  As
> expected there was quite a commotion on both sides about which was
> better and why.  I walked away with an uneasy question of "Do we as a
> community hold the two camps, ours and MS, to different standards and
> expectations?"  It was an uneasy question because personally I wasn't
> sure.
>       * Do you expect more from MS because it is a commercial product?
>       * Are you more lenient with FOSS?
>       * How would you present your case?
> I am not a MS fan, but as a community shouldn't we be above some of
> this gruff?
> --Joe

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