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Joe Palladino (aka The Mindfulgeek) mindfulgeek at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 15:02:46 GMT 2008

I was reading some of my back RSS feeds and I came across an article on
Lifehacker about using WPClipart vs MS's free clipart gallery.  As
expected there was quite a commotion on both sides about which was
better and why.  I walked away with an uneasy question of "Do we as a
community hold the two camps, ours and MS, to different standards and
expectations?"  It was an uneasy question because personally I wasn't sure.

    * Do you expect more from MS because it is a commercial product?
    * Are you more lenient with FOSS?
    * How would you present your case?

I am not a MS fan, but as a community shouldn't we be above some of this

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