Martin Owens doctormo at
Fri Sep 21 18:14:13 BST 2007

Then I must offer my apologies, non of my previous email was meant as
an attack, a bitter remark or as scathing commentary. I just want to
make a note for everyone that we need to be more engaged each as
members in order to see things though otherwise we'll be posting loads
of great ideas and just procrastinating on them and that just invokes
sorrow in me not bitterness.

Again I offer a personal apology to GoatTuber if I offended him,
sometimes my emails can be a little emotive even when it's not

Although I make no such apology for my grammar, that is something your
just going to have to with.

Regretful Regards, Martin Owens

On 21/09/2007, Brian Fallik <baf11 at> wrote:
> Martin,
> Wow.  Someone is bitter.  And needs a grammar lesson.
> I understand your rant on #2, but GoatTuber only asked if we had
> already done anything, and then hinted that we might want to.  I
> believe his question falls exactly within "if you have a good idea,
> discuss
> it here with the intention that your willing to do something about it
> please."  I'm not sure why that warranted such a harsh response, and I
> don't think sarcasm will necessarily help attract more contributors to
> our group.
> brian
> On 9/21/07, Martin Owens <doctormo at> wrote:
> > > 1. Maybe I missed this or something, but why have the installfest 5 days
> > > before the Gutsy release? Wouldn't it make more sense to wait a week and
> > > load everyone up with the latest and greatest?
> >
> > There are a couple of great answers to this question: 1) we've been
> > trying to organise the installfest for some time and it got pushed
> > back to this date and it's my own fault for not checking the release
> > dates; the second is that I wouldn't feel comfortable installing gutsy
> > for at least 2 months after release, maybe on my own machine but not
> > on random peoples machines who we won't have a chance to fix things if
> > something goes horribly wrong.
> >
> > > 2. I was just reading Blog of Helios, and he had written about getting his
> > > local public libraries to start carrying Linux disks in their inventory.
> > > Have we tried to get anything like that going with any of our local
> > > libraries? If not, we might want to look into it.
> > >
> >
> > Gret you've got the job of contacting all the local libraries and
> > offering them CDs, congratulations. Let us know how it goes and what
> > your experiences are.
> >
> > I must remind everyone at this point that as a volunteer group we
> > really do relley quite a lot on people pulling their weight and taking
> > charge for the small projects they want to see accomplished; there is
> > a select few who are heavily involved and then lots of people coming
> > up with ideas but not wanting to carry them forwards. So I put this
> > plea out to all on the mailing list: if you have a good idea, discuss
> > it here with the intention that your willing to do something about it
> > please. We can then get a hell of a lot more done while those working
> > on existing projects can focus on them.
> >
> >
> >
> > Best Regards, Martin Owens
> >
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