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Trey Brown palintheus at
Wed Apr 9 17:58:39 BST 2008

In an attempt to smooth this Code of Conduct (CoC) issue, it was suggested
that we do a public poll so there is more visibility and there is no one
that gets left out because they were not in IRC, I think this is the best
course of action, so it is not just one, two, or however many people
deciding this, I figured a mailing list post would give people more of a
chance to respond. If no one has an issue with this option, I think the poll
could easily be put up tonight or tomorrow, however long the entire group
thinks it appropriate to be open for discussion.

Regarding the options on the poll. This does seem like it is an issue that
will have to be revisited at some point in time, probably sooner rather than
later. I think we should try to come up with some options as a group. Here
are my opinions on the options. 1) Remove the CoC Signature requirement 2)
Keep the requirement 3) Remove the requirement pending more discussion after
the Hamfest(to prevent putting off projects with deadlines). As well as
options we need to decide on a duration for the poll to stay open. I think
4-5 days is more than enough time for everyone that wants to vote. Also I
think this should remove the CoC topic from the agenda at the meetings since
it will be handled as a poll outside of IRC and people can get information
on the topic easily and still have their vote counted. If you disagree
please speak up before the poll is up or closed.

This is something that has been a heated topic in IRC, so I ask that
everyone be informed on the subject prior to voting, including the text of
the CoC, and procedures to sign it. If you need information, please ask in
the mailing list, IRC, email, however you are comfortable getting in contact
with another member.

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