[ubuntu-us-in] Loco Activity.

Scott Blaydes sblaydes at sbce.org
Sat Oct 23 06:27:23 BST 2010

  You seem to come across a bit harsh to just call for Simón to
relinquish control of the group without being any more active in the
Loco yourself.  If Simón needs to step down, what grand plan do you have
for the group?  It seems like it would be more convincing if you would
offer up some ideas for the group to be more active rather than just
call for someone to step down.  One of the great things about Open
Source and Free software is that everything doesn't not have to come
from a single "leader", we are all able to step up and contribute.  You
don't have to have "control of the loco team" to show leadership and get
things going.  Being a leader is a trait, not a title.  Instead of
worrying about who's name is where on the website, how about leading by
example and starting some of activity you think the group needs.

Sorry if I took the tone of your message wrong, but I know how much hard
work Simón put forth for Ubuntu in Indiana, before there even were LoCo
teams.  Simón is one on the nicest and most even tempered ppl you will
meet, and deserves a lot more respect than what I got from your post.
Since he and Michael have both talked about passing on the torch, it is
rude to ask them to step down when no one else has stepped up.

Just my 2 cents....
Scott Blaydes
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