[ubuntu-us-in] Gutsy Release Party

Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 05:11:37 BST 2007

On 10/12/07, Robert <robert at martz.us> wrote:
>  If I could run M$ Streets and Trips through WINE, I would switch over
> myself, but I get lost too much and need a good nav program. I have my
> laptop setup as a dual boot. I seldom run Ubuntu on it, but run Gutsy pre
> release on a home computer and have everyone using it.

I understand, I still have a Hasefroch partition for games, myself, or
I'd walk away from the dark side completely at home.

> I am really liking
> it. 7.10 is the first version to date that I think could be really used by
> the masses. We may be putting together a public access bank of PCs and I
> want to run all UBUNTU 7.10 on them. I think we will have more control and
> less cleanup then M$ Windows (any version). Helped out in an IT department
> in a seminary and we had to constantly clean up whatever anyone wanted to
> install. It was a hassle.

I dunno, I've been supporting Ubuntu in the classroom since 5.10, and
neither the 99.9% of the students nor the 100% teachers I've worked
with in that context were the slightest bit technically inclined, but
it worked for them.

Or are you speaking about home users without a geek handy?

I've always had to support people using Windows; I think it's a myth
that Linux is harder for non-geeks to use, I believe that it's just
that they've already learned the Windows way of doing things and
they're unwilling to climb another learning curve.

>  I also have a friend who sells a lot of used computers. I am going to help
> him get some setup with UBUNTU and XUBUNTU for sale. I think they will sell.
> Only problem is that he doesn't know much about linux and I will become the
> default tech support. The sacrifices never cease to help bring Linux to the
> masses. ;-)

Excellent. I hope you have fun with that, it sounds like a real
worthwhile project.

>  BTW, I have been lurking for about 6-8 months. Guess I am not anymore.
> Might go back to lurking, though.

Hey, welcome out of the corner. Hope you don't feel compelled to
disapperar back there. ;-) It's fun out here!


P.S. Hope you can make it out to Claddagh's for the Gutsy party!

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