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Robert robert at martz.us
Sat Oct 13 06:07:50 BST 2007

Simón Ruiz wrote:
> I dunno, I've been supporting Ubuntu in the classroom since 5.10, and
> neither the 99.9% of the students nor the 100% teachers I've worked
> with in that context were the slightest bit technically inclined, but
> it worked for them.
> Or are you speaking about home users without a geek handy?

Home use with dial up and being able to set up a printer. It is no good 
walking into someone's house, showing them the new system, then not 
being able to set up their printer. Most home users want to print. The 
old CUPS interface just would not work for a grandmother who wanted to 
print out pics of the new grandbaby. I am fairly fluent with IT and I 
could not set up my Brother MFC420CN as a network printer with 7.04(7.10 
it was a ten minute job). I would not even consider recommending to most 
because of the printing issues. The forums are filled with the same type 
of comments. I think this was why the new printer interface became a top 
priority in 7.10. I think everything else was ready enough and they were 
waiting to deal with this until they got most o the other issues taken 
care of. The new printer interface says, "Let's now make this usable to 
the novice home user."

M$ WIndows has some issues too, I agree, but when someone buys a printer 
or scanner, they can easily get it to work. Just try asking someone with 
very little experience to open up a terminal window and give them the 
cryptic commands they would need to type in to install any new package, 
then watch the look on their face. :-P
> giv
> I've always had to support people using Windows; I think it's a myth
> that Linux is harder for non-geeks to use, I believe that it's just
> that they've already learned the Windows way of doing things and
> they're unwilling to climb another learning curve.
> Hey, welcome out of the corner. Hope you don't feel compelled to
> disapperar back there. ;-) It's fun out here!
Umm, that is where I keep the computer hidden. ;-)
> Simón
> P.S. Hope you can make it out to Claddagh's for the Gutsy party!
Can't party, I am a Mennonite. Can't use electricity either. O:-)
(BTW, that was a joke. The electricity thing, not the Mennonite thing.)

How is the Python teaching going?

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