new Koala grub info?

Paul Cartwright ubuntu at
Thu Nov 19 22:25:33 GMT 2009

On Thu November 19 2009, Phillip Tarrant wrote:
> Did you upgrade to koala? or do a fresh install?
> Koala installs grub2 if doing a fresh install...
> i am 99% sure it doesn't update grub if you do an upgrade.
> I upgraded as to avoid using grub2 as its MUCH more complicated to edit
> then grub....
> Here is all you need to know about grub2

I think the answer lies in updates. I just booted my laptop and see 2 entries 
for linux, ubuntu 2.6.31-11 and 2.6.31-14 . My hunch is the original Koala 
install I did ( beta) was 2.6.31-11 and the FINAL is 2.6.31-14.. I forgot I 
installed the beta, not the final.... but it worked fine the whole week I was 
on vacation!!

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