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Joshua Chase at
Mon Oct 1 16:57:12 BST 2007

I definitely feel that we are moving in the right direction as a community
locally, with the formalizing of some kind of organized structure. Everyone
has a lot of great ideas, and if we have a team harnessing them, and
building an action plan to make it happen, we will continue to grow. I know
that so far things lately seem to be picking up for our team. We have a
release party coming up, as well as an install fest. Those are awesome
events, I think we should all be excited about how successful we can be next
year with some organization.

I would love nothing more than to see people ditch windows for Linux
specifically Ubuntu. I do what to make sure though that we are here to
promote Ubuntu, and not to slam any other OS like Windows or Mac.
Personally, I've always believed in using the right tools for the task at
hand. I think that Ubuntu has pushed Linux into full force as a desktop and
soon as a server which is why I am investing my time, money and energy into
this LoCo.

So I see all this as improving upon a great cause and I am excited to see
how our team can make a difference here in GA.

-Joshua Chase
IRC: jchase

On 10/1/07, Nick Ali <nali at> wrote:
> It depends on the context. In what environment do you feel the
> comparisons are necessary?
> nick
> On 10/1/07, Kevin Fishburne <kevinfishburne at> wrote:
> >
> >  Point taken and after some thought I agree. However, we can still take
> > advantage of this resentment by presenting Ubuntu as an alternative. The
> > resentment provides additional leverage, a reason users might take a
> chance
> > on change. Microsoft or Windows doesn't need to be called out
> specifically,
> > but rather its well known annoyances could be referenced as
> counterpoints to
> > the lack of such annoyances in Ubuntu. The "Mac vs. PC" ads, as silly as
> > they are, I think were pretty effective using a similar strategy. I
> realize
> > there's a fine line between such comparisons and implying or stating
> that
> > Windows/Microsoft is crap, so we'd have to take special care not to
> cross
> > it. It would be easy to avoid this gray area entirely but considering
> the
> > tactics used by the competition and people's attitudes toward Windows I
> > think the majority of users wouldn't cry foul if gibes or comparisons
> were
> > kept light. True, the Ghandi strategy of passive resistance sometimes
> works,
> > but more often than not you just get run over by a tank. Maybe a couple
> > examples could be floated and the issue could be voted on?
> >
> >  Kevin
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