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Nick Ali nali at
Mon Oct 1 05:42:07 BST 2007

It depends on the context. In what environment do you feel the
comparisons are necessary?


On 10/1/07, Kevin Fishburne <kevinfishburne at> wrote:
>  Point taken and after some thought I agree. However, we can still take
> advantage of this resentment by presenting Ubuntu as an alternative. The
> resentment provides additional leverage, a reason users might take a chance
> on change. Microsoft or Windows doesn't need to be called out specifically,
> but rather its well known annoyances could be referenced as counterpoints to
> the lack of such annoyances in Ubuntu. The "Mac vs. PC" ads, as silly as
> they are, I think were pretty effective using a similar strategy. I realize
> there's a fine line between such comparisons and implying or stating that
> Windows/Microsoft is crap, so we'd have to take special care not to cross
> it. It would be easy to avoid this gray area entirely but considering the
> tactics used by the competition and people's attitudes toward Windows I
> think the majority of users wouldn't cry foul if gibes or comparisons were
> kept light. True, the Ghandi strategy of passive resistance sometimes works,
> but more often than not you just get run over by a tank. Maybe a couple
> examples could be floated and the issue could be voted on?
>  Kevin


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