Used laptop

Carol E. Meacham hb88 at
Thu Dec 27 23:14:23 GMT 2007

I'm currently running Gutsy on a Dell Inspiron 5100 with 512mg RAM,
18gig HD, at 2.5ghz.  I started it out on Feisty and upgraded to Gutsy,
and have had no problems at all with either right out of the box, so to
speak.  It didn't even miss a beat nor need a driver for the cheap
Office Depot Ativa wifi card, as it uses the Atheros chipset the driver
for which is included in Ubuntu already.  

What I want when the prices come down is an Asus EEE w/ 8gig HD, and
I've seen posts in various places where others with the same idea want a
lighter weight Ubuntu distro for the EEE and its ilk.  

That said, I have two laptops and would have more if I could (my other
is a Compaq Presario that runs XP for those Windows things I really
really need).  Up here in Ft. Oglethorpe near the TN border, we have a
local shop called Affordable Computers who always have a half-dozen or
so quality used machines at various price ranges.  I try to stay out of
there since every time I go in there I'm afraid one of the laptops will
follow me home.

hb88 at

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