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Eric Weir eeweir at
Thu Dec 27 19:16:35 GMT 2007

On 12/27/2007 Nick Ali wrote:
> There is some info on the Ubuntu wiki about specific laptops. The page
> for the X40 seems to be
> Looks like its
> only been tested up to Dapper with it. Might be a good idea to test it
> out with a Live CD before purchasing if possible.
Thanks. This led me to this:

Overall it looks good, though there's some fine-tuning that can be done. 
One issue is that the X40 has no CD drive. From this link it looks like 
installation without the CD is a bit complicated for me -- a definite 
non-techie. I've located a machine with an external drive, a Gig of RAM, 
and still under warranty through next September, asking $450. Very tempted.

Again, thanks for the link.
> Ubuntu Linux 7.04 -and probably any modern distro- "just works" 
> out-of-the-box on this machine.
> No manual configuration was required. Even network, wifi, xorg (with 
> 3D acceleration), sound and suspend-to-ram were properly configured 
> and functional, all with opensource drivers only, at the end of the 
> default Ubuntu installation. I've no problem with fan noises either.
> But there's still some room for fine tuning:
>     * To improve energy efficiency and battery life (8 cell bat gives
>       4h with default install, 6h after tuning
>       <>)
>     * To access some special features (like some Thinkpad special keys
>       <>)
>     * To better use resources (memory, CPU, power, ...)

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