Welcome: Elliot Murphy

Mike Feravolo eztips at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 17 14:21:09 GMT 2007


As a self appointed spokesman for our group, I would like to welcome my
neighbor from Brevard County to our group. It's good to know that
someone from the launchpad team lives here in Florida.

I have lived in Cocoa Beach for about Twenty Years and used to work in
the launch business at the cape as a software engineer. Since then I
have basically doing my own thing with various software applications
that run under Linux and that other operating system. 

In light of the latest attempt to monopolize the software industry by a
specific vendor.  We have decided to make it our main business, to
advocate the use of open source software by everyone that uses a

We like Ubuntu as the best choice for the general public, after
evaluating many of the other distributions.  

Now our main technical challenge is this: How to let the general
population know that Ubuntu is for them, without using any technical
jargon that or other negatives will scare them away? 

In addition a quick lesson in "common sense" is required, so they don't
lose the "only copy" of their data in the process.

Besides the obvious objectives of our group, I am sure that we would all
welcome any ideas that any of the members have.

Thank You

Mike Feravolo
Cocoa Beach, FL

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