[CoLoCo] programming for kids

Andrew keen101 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 21:50:17 GMT 2008

I found this neat greenfoot program today.

It looks kind of neat. I don't really know how to program, but it seems like
it would be a very useful skill.

any suggestions for something to help getting into programming. I might try
this greenfoot thing out, but i'd like to know other things to try. I like
this one because it presents some interesting motivations like trying to
create an anthill simulation, or to create an asteroids game. I seem to need
a good directional motivator for me to continuue with things. I know some of
you have expressed good feelings about python and ruby, but are there any
good project ideas to use with those. If i don't have a good project goal,
i'm less likeley to stick with it.

I also have my arduino programming environment which is a hobbyist
robotics/electronics programming environment that introduces c. And i also
have the Eclipse IDE loaded on my machine for another java project.
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