[Ubuntu Chicago] Chicago Loco wiki cleanup

Nathan Handler nathan.handler at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 01:46:55 GMT 2010

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Steve Woodruff <swoody at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Ok, just wanted to toss out a little report on the wiki progress so
> far, and get some more input/opinions on a couple points. I think that
> updating and cleaning-up the wikis is nearly complete. I merged
> several pages, deleted several others, and updated whatever info I
> could find. The only page that still needs some work is the Meetings
> page [1], which has been merged with the Projects page (which is now
> deleted). Micah did some great work on this page during the Doc Jam
> (Thank you!), to clean it up quite a bit.

Great work Steve, Micah, and anyone else who helped with this.

> 3) Finally, what I had in mind was to use the Minutes page [3] to
> create archives of our IRC meetings, and Micah came up with a great
> way to archive info for our previous meetings [4]. However, we also
> have the Team Reports page [5]. I was going to see if we still wanted
> to keep our general Team Reports page, or if you all feel that we
> would be fine with just the Minutes page and 'Previous Meetings'
> pages.

I think we should still use the Team Report pages. I have tried to add
a bullet after every event we have held. Also, now that we will be
starting regular IRC meetings, we will have more news to report. We
are also technically meant to be producing a monthly team report as an
official LoCo. I do not care if you wish to duplicate the information
on the Meeting Minute pages, but the Team Reports make it pretty easy
to view a previous month's report. They also allow other members of
the community to learn about the great things we have been up to.


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