[Ubuntu Chicago] Chicago Loco wiki cleanup

Steve Woodruff swoody at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 13 21:45:46 GMT 2010

After doing a bit of perusing and a little editing in the Loco's wiki
pages recently, I feel that we could do a lot to clean-up, simplify,
and better coordinate the pages. I know there have been a lot of
people who have put a lot of time into these pages, and I greatly
appreciate that effort, but I think for the sake of sanity and
cleanliness, that we would benefit from a nice overhaul of the wikis.

1) Personally, I feel that we should make our wiki pages include
information only - and pertinent information at that. I feel that
while certain pages have been created with good ideas and good
intentions, that they are not being utilized (notably the
/HardwareSwap, /IdeaPool, and /TeamSpeak pages). I feel it would be
much more useful if we deleted these pages, and encouraged these types
of things to take place on the mailing list.

2) I would further propose that the /Meetings page, the /Projects
page, and all of the various /ReleaseParty /KarmicReleaseParty and
similar pages be merged into a single Meetings & Events page, so
members (and potential members) can stay up to date with all of our
events in one place. I think this would also do a great deal of help
with planning events.

3)I think the /NewMembers page and the /NewUsers page could also be
merged very easily.

4) I would also propose that we get rid of the 'Team List' page, and
replace the link in the navbar to be directed to our membership list
on LaunchPad. I think this will do a great job at keeping our
membership roster up to date, and simplified. On that note, I would
also like to propose that we setup our LP group members with a
one-year expiration period, so that we can further keep our roster up
to date, and filled with active members. For those of you who are
unfamiliar with this expiration period with LP, you would receive an
email notice informing you that your membership in the team is going
to expire soon, from there you would just go back into LP and renew
your membership for another year. I feel this would not cause anyone
too much grief, as the renewal process is quick and would only be done
once a year.

5) I feel after all of this cleaning up, that the navbar at the top of
the wiki pages could be cleaned up a bit, and minimized to our new and
pertinent pages.

6) There are other various spots where I feel the wiki's could be
cleaned up, and further narrowed down. There seems to be a lot of
duplicated info, and pages which aren't utilized. I would like to put
together a group of a couple people who would be interested in working
on the wiki together. We can then go through everything, and try to
update and tidy things up overall.

Again, I don't mean to step on any toes here, and I do respect the
work that has been put into the wiki pages thus far. However, I think
it would be for the good of the team if we gave this a good overhaul.
As always let us all know your opinions, feelings, suggestions, etc.

Steve Woodruff
swoody at ubuntu.com

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