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Steve Woodruff swoody at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 4 22:49:37 GMT 2010

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year! Thus
far it seems there has been no opposition to the idea of holding IRC
meetings, so that's good. Now I think we should iron out how we want to
focus our meetings.

Corey brought up an excellent idea for the meetings to be more of an 'event'
than just a general team meeting, where we would have speakers,
presentations, and work on certain projects during this meeting time (be it
working on docs, bugs, etc.). I think this would be a really great way for
the team to stay active, and always giving back to the Ubuntu community, but
as he also mentioned, I don't think this would necessarily call for a
monthly scheduling.

What I would propose it to have monthly meetings where they would be an
informal team get-together, where we can bring up issues such as Linux/FOSS
events in the area, discuss scheduling/locations for future events, and
otherwise cover topics related to the Loco. So again, these would be more
'team administrative' rather than an active event. On top of these short
monthly meetings, I would propose that we hold 'event days' like Corey has
suggested. Again, these IRC events wouldn't necessarily have to be a
monthly occurrence, but we would schedule them fairly frequently so we can
keep the Chicago Team active in the Ubuntu community. These IRC 'event days'
could be similar to our jams and parties that we now have in real life where
we focus on getting work done. I feel these would probably benefit everyone,
as there would be no issue of travelling to/from the City/suburbs, and
finding a location that would best suit most of the team.

Let us know what you guys think! How do you all think we should organize our
meetings? What would you be in favor of? None of this is set in stone, and
we're all open to ideas and input, so please feel free to share your
opinions! This is your Loco after all, without your input it doesn't work :)

Steve Woodruff
swoody at ubuntu.com

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 2:41 PM, Steve Woodruff <swoody at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Corey,
> You made a lot of great points, and I agree with you on most everything you
> said. However, I think I may be on a different page from you.
> It seems like you were more in the idea of holding meetings to be
> productive - much like how our current IRL meetings are (i.e. Doc Jam, Bug
> Jam, Global Jam, etc.). I do agree that those types of things may
> not necessarily warrant a monthly get-together. I do really like the idea of
> having IRC meetings where the team gets together to focus on a certain
> issue, and do useful things for the greater Ubuntu community. However, what
> I had originally thought, was that these monthly meetings would be more
> "administrative", and not aimed at being productive. I had thought these
> meetings would do well to help keep the team active, and in the know about
> going-ons, help us discuss and plan events, etc.
> Again, I really do like your ideas, and the way you are looking at these
> meetings. Perhaps we can have this work out both ways. Maybe we can have
> regular monthly team meetings, to discuss the goings-on with the team, give
> everyone a chance to stay up to date and in touch with the team, and then we
> can plan and schedule "Chicago Loco gives back" kind of meetings (again
> not necessarily every month, if it's not warranted) where the entire team
> can meet up via IRC, and work towards a common goal - be it bugs, doc work,
> or what have you. I think that would work out extremely well to get more
> team members active in the team, as there wouldn't be the issue of trying to
> find a 'common-ground' venue in real life that is good for everyone.
> Corey, please let me know if I'm incorrect about what you had said, or if I
> read it wrong [I haven't had any coffee today ;) ]. However, I think that
> discussing exactly what our goals of these meetings are, and figuring that
> out ahead of time is extremely important, so I'm very glad you brought up
> your ideas!
> So how does everyone feel? Any input on what you feel our focus of these
> regular meetings should be? Any other ideas that we haven't brought up?
> - Steve
> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 8:17 PM, Corey Gallon <corey at coreygallon.com>wrote:
>> Before we calendar recurring meetings, it would seem prudent to detail an
>> agenda to substantiate the frequency of the meetings.  I, with Steve, would
>> welcome somewhat frequently scheduled IRC meetings which bring a good
>> portion of the loco together.  My initial curiosity, however, is whether we
>> have enough to discuss to compel a monthly meeting.  For those who weigh-in
>> on this henceforth, it would be useful to voice suggestions on the contents
>> of an agenda.  To that end, I proffer the following agenda items and ideas
>> on how the Chicago loco can organize to contribute, as a team, to our
>> favorite Linux distro:
>> • Recent and ongoing contributions of loco members to Ubuntu (e.g.
>> packaging, programming, bug triaging, etc ...)
>> • LoCo projects to contribute
>> • Upcoming loco events
>> • Upcoming Ubuntu events
>> • Technical topics for discussion (e.g. we could focus on a different
>> subject each month such as packaging, development, kernel hacking, general
>> programming, etc...)
>> • Ubuntu membership update (ideally we should band together as a loco to
>> support loco members who are seeking Ubuntu membership, etc ...)
>> • General Linux update (upcoming kernel releases, etc ...)
>> • Broader technology discussion ...
>> Just a few thoughts.  I really think the way to ensure a successful
>> meeting, though, is to push out an agenda and line up speakers / content to
>> drive discussion before we meet.
>> Thinking aloud,
>> Corey (captivus)
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