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Patrick Green patlgreen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 21:07:56 GMT 2008

With respect Wally, the intent is to allow brainstorming for new ideas at
this time.  Your concerns are noted and when we look into the bricks and
mortar of the ideas on the table we can look more deeply into the ideas in a
more structured meeting.  :)



On Jan 30, 2008 1:59 PM, Wally Valters <deepsky99 at gmail.com> wrote:

> *Patrick : My idea?  We start small.  The LOCO training center.
> Using the Ubuntu Desktop Training guides and teach the course.  We charge
> a fee and we market it.  We are not talking LPI, we are talking desktop
> training with modules and materials already provided for us.  I have done
> training before and I teach.  We can do this.
> *
> --------
> I like the idea, but who is the intended audience?  I am trying to figure
> out who would pay $250 for a course on the ubuntu desktop.  It is not like
> they go to Best Buy get a new machine with Ubuntu on it, and then look for
> training.  They buy a windows machine and pay Video professor his $90 if
> they do any training at all.
> I did not read all responses to this, all of this may have been brought up
> already, and sorry if I am re-hashing.
> I am not trying to be sarcastic here, I just wonder who will pay for
> this.  You run this for free, as a way to show people that linux can do
> these things, I think you can get some interest.   I do fail to see paying
> customers lining up for this though.  In addition, I think you need to
> account for other costs.  For $250 i would expect printed training
> materials, not just a pdf.
> I think this is an idea that could work though, in the right context. I
> looked at the training doc, and most of that is below the average Linux
> users knowledge level.  Linux is not for new computer users no matter what
> people are saying.  In a few years maybe, but not yet.  We need to help the
> "pseudo-savvy" user, that guy who knows enough to look stuff up, and s not
> afraid to follow a how-to posted in a forum.  Show them apt-get, aptitude,
> adept, or whatever they want to use for packages, where logs are in the
> filesystem, what the system does at boot up, and all the things that a new
> somewhat savvy user would need.  I thin that is where training would be
> effective.
> All that being said :))  If you need training help I was an instructor in
> the service, and am rather good at teaching if a bit rusty.  I will help in
> any way I can.
> Nixternal: Do you ever answer your email :))
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