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Richard A. Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Sat Jan 12 00:27:39 GMT 2008

On Friday 11 January 2008, Eddie Martinez wrote:
| Hey all, i'm in the market for a new(er) laptop than the one I have now, an
| Invibile Model Fake 3500. Basically, I'm searching to get a laptop in the
| 500 hunded dollar range or so. I mostly need it for web stuff, with some
| software development purposes. My most critical demands for a computer is
| that it be Gnu/Linux friendly, something about 1.6 clock speed, and a gig
| or so of RAM. Aside from that, I am open to any brand name. etc.

Compaq Presario T2330 - Best Buy - $499 - GNU/Linux works Out of the box

Some brands to keep in mind that have been known to work well with Linux are 
Acer, IBM, Dell (even though they are becoming really crappy and now have the 
worst tech support of any major company in the US), Compaq (people hate them, 
but honestly they make some of the best Linux friendly equipment, and their 
tech support, will even support your Linux issues, and you may very well 
qualify for a kickback for denying the MS EULA), HP (same goes as Compaq since 
they are the same company).

Also check out HP's website for their Education/Student stuff. You have to 
create an account (free) that will allow you to access student deals. Also 
check and see if IIT has any partnerships with Laptop manufacturers or vendors. 
At COD we have HP, Apple, and Gateway discounts, so I am sure IIT should have 
something similar. I will tell you now, the following are laptops to stay away 
from unless the price is insanely right and you are in the mood for headaches:

1) Toshiba (they make great stuff, just not for Linux)
2) Everex (this is the playschool of computers)
3) Gateway (can you say goodbye?)

It would be nice if System76 did student discounts, but you never know unless 
you contact them. They are a very friendly staff. Also check Staples and Office 
Depot, they always have insane deals, and I think Staples even offers IBM 
Refurbs. I have no problem with refurbs really as I have never had a problem 
with one in the past, except for a Toshiba Satellite.

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at kubuntu.org
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