[Ubuntu Chicago] [ChicagoLinux] GUI frontend for python backend

John Quigley jquigley at jquigley.com
Tue Nov 27 18:46:03 GMT 2007

Freddy Martinez wrote:
> I am not sure where to start: PyGTK and wxwidgets look
> like good starting place, however I would like to have as little
> dependencies as possible.

Your requirement of cross-platform operation greatly limits the toolkits available to you (QT, GTK and WxWidgets).  You might consider creating a web-based interface, as that has as few "dependencies as possible."  The Python Paste project has a nice Python-based WSGI-capable web server, so that you can keep your whole stack in Python.

If you had used Lisp, you could already be working in your own domain-specific Lipid Lisp =)

- John Quigley

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