[Ubuntu Chicago] meeting on Saturday

Eddie Martinez eddiemartinez at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 22:14:01 GMT 2007

Hey all, just a quick reminder that we are meeting on this Satuday,
Dec. 1st from 1pm-3pm at the Institute of Design in downtown Chicago.


Please look at the agenda and bring some ideas, edits, etc. to the
table. So far, it looks like the agenda will be jam packed, but
*hopefully* we can squeeze in another 1/2 hour, since the chiglug
meetings usually start a bit late and it seems that their meeting will
be a bit shorter than usual. However, I dont want to guarantee
anything or step on any toes.

Jim Campbell (hi j1mc!) added some key points for Project Green, which
I am personally very excited for and I hope the LoCo can gain lots of
'street cred' for this project.

If there is anything missing, last minute additions, navigation
questions, etc. please respond to the list and somebody will get back
to you.

This has been an Eddie Martinez production.
<Please exit in an orderly fashion>

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