[Ubuntu Chicago] Ubuntu Chicago Packaging Jam

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Thu Dec 13 22:48:49 GMT 2007

Hey Everyone!

I have been working out the details about how to go about running the 
packaging jam this Sunday. I had come up with a schedule for the first jam 
and then realized that I could curb some time if you all were prepared ahead 
of time. So in order to do this, this is what everyone will need to do prior 
to showing up on Sunday, unless you have already completed the tasks:

1) Setup an account on Launchpad.

2) Create a GPG key.

3) Sign the Code of Conduct.

4) Install the following packages:
    - build-essential
    - devscripts
    - debhelper
    - dh_make
    - diff
    - patch
    - fakeroot
    - lintian
    - linda
    - pbuilder

5) Install 

6) Create a Hardy PBuilder environment:
sudo pbuilder create --distribution hardy --othermirror "deb 
http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy universe multiverse"

That is all I can think of right now. If I am missing anything I will fill you 
in prior to Sunday or on Sunday itself. We will start out with doing package 
merges from Debian, creating debdiff patches, how to create a bug report for 
a merge, and possibly how to create a bug report for a sync if time permits.

In order to teach you all how to do a new package from scratch, we will need 
to setup customized schroots for packaging building in order for test 
building and making sure everything gets installed into the .deb file.

If you have dabbled with packaging in the past by using checkinstall, do us a 
favor and don't bring it up, as our plan is to teach your the correct way to 
packaging, and not the AOL way of packaging and breaking stuff :)

After thinking it through, we would need a full day and then some just to 
cover 1/2 of the basics, and these basics will be for merging only. This is 
why a 3 hour session would never work.

If you all have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks, and see 
you on Sunday!   

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at kubuntu.org
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124
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