Ubuntu-Chicago Advocational Pack Creation

Rich Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 18 22:40:14 BST 2006

Hey Chicago!

Here is an idea I have, and maybe some of you can lend a hand. I would like to 
create an "Advocational Pack" that would help start somebody new to Ubuntu 
and the Chicago area/team off on the track to contribute and help us out. 
Here are some of the things I think we might be able to offer to somebody who 
wants to help, but doesn't know how to:

 * How to get CDs (ShipIt, or if needed ASAP, can contact me as long as I have 
 * Documentation that would tell them the type of things they could do to 
advocate, provide support, and whatever else.
 * Presentations, flyers, and anything else

It would be cool if it was setup to be like a packet you would get at an 
orientation. It would contain general Ubuntu info about the OS, the 
community, and web locals and what not. Anyone got some ideas on this?  
Anyone able to help with creating some of the documentation?  Maybe add a 
page on the website that will link them, or act as the orientation reference? 
If you are a drupal admin or have experience, let me know, and I will give 
you some admin rights to help with the page.

Richard Johnson <> nixternal at ubuntu.com
ubuntu.com <> kubuntu.com <> edubuntu.com <> xubuntu.com <> chi.ubuntu-us.com
online everywhere as nixternal
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