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Welcome aboard!
If you need help with anything else, feel free to ask here.

I completely agree.
I for one think that instead of endless piles of money being thrown at
new hardware - if we started using OSS in the Illinois School System,
we could keep all the capabilities that students need, and be able to
afford to pay teachers more, hire more teachers and use that money to
better improve quality of education.

I used to be a TA at a state university so this something I'm quite
familiar with.
We should see if we can find a school that would be willing to try a
pilot program.
Would be interesting esp. since microsoft just opened their own high school.


On 9/16/06, Joseph Wyckoff <joseph.wyckoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was trying to get onto the IRC channel that you guys are on. I tried
> using xchat and couldn't get it figured out.  I though GAIM could also
> get onto IRC channels but I'm probably wrong.  Could someone tell me how
> to get onto the channel so I could chat.  Also, I should Introduce
> myself.  I'm a student at Eastern Illinois University now, but I plan to
> teach physics or chemistry in a Chicago area school.  I switched to
> Linux/Ubuntu because with school funding being cut I believe that open
> source will be the best way to keep technology in school and cut costs.
> Anyway, Thanks for the help and Hello!
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