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Rich Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
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On Saturday 16 September 2006 10:38, Mike Greenwood wrote:
> Well I know this is a bit off topic and has been beaten into the ground but
> I wanted Chicago's take on this.
> I'm a gnome fan only buy default (I'm use to it).  I've install kde in the
> past and was impressed.  This time how ever I got into it a bit and tweaked
> the display.
> I noticed that KDE seems to run crazy fast compared to gnome.  Is this
> something others have experienced?  Since apps are interchangeable what are
> your pro/cons
> for each?  Just thought I'd ask...
> mike
> PS.  I got a new job..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm tossing that old one to the curb

Congrats on the job!

I have used KDE since v1. I have used Gnome here a little bit, and there are 
some things with Gnome that I like, however I am KDE hardcore. KDE is 
definitely quicker and more responsive, and a recent test has shown this as 
well. My Cons for Gnome makes one hell of a list, and my Cons for KDE are 
rather short. The default settings and applications in a KDE install are 
rather simplistic and quite lacking. At times I like the layout and look of 
Gnome, but KDE's simplicity is where it is at.

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