Ubuntu-Chicago Meeting Collaboration Idea

Michael DePolis mike at depolis.com
Tue Sep 12 12:23:33 BST 2006


I think it is a fantastic idea and I think brand new members such as 
myself will benefit greatly.  This would be a great way for those of us 
who are new to quickly learn how the team works, and how we can best help.

Joining with area LUGs simply brings a broader group and more ideas to 
the table.  Seems to me that partnering with as many individuals and 
organizations as possible is key to helping move Ubuntu, and Linux 
adoption in general, forward. 

Personally, the late Oct or November time frame is pretty good.  I only 
have a little travel scheduled during those months.

Lastly, I have been attempting for months to make a meeting of the NW 
area LUG that meets at Harper College in Schaumburg and introduce myself 
(but have unfortunately always had a conflict on Tuesday nights).  
Perhaps there would be some interest from this group as well?


Rich Johnson wrote:
> Ubuntu Chicago,
> Hey everyone, I was just chatting with John Quigley of the Chicago LUG 
> (http://www.chiglug.org). We were talking about a possible collaboration of a 
> meeting for a couple of reasons, and very good ones at that.
> * We could join up with a couple of LUGs from the area, possibly FREE GEEK 
> Chicago (http://www.freegeekchicago.org), and have one big Linux meeting
> * During this day, we could have separate tracks, or BoFs where we could go 
> off and talk about Ubuntu Marketing and what not.
> * It would bring a larger group of people together, and the Chicago LUG are 
> known for their very talented coders which happen to provide some pretty 
> awesome presentations
> * They already have a venue, in the city (Chicago Institute of Design) - 350 
> N. LaSalle St. Accessible via CTA, and for us in the burbs, a quick train 
> ride on the Metra, get off and hope on one of the water taxis (super cheap, 
> and quicker than a cab).
> This might be pretty cool, and it will allow us to meet more people interested 
> in FOSS and Linux as well. We can spend an hour or two on Ubuntu Chicago 
> specifics, and then join in on some programming stuff and what not.
> What does everyone think of something like this?  Octoberish (end), 
> Novemberish?

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