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meh, as a teenager I personally dont know what im doing at any given day,
but sure if you constantly remind me for a while before hand...

On 9/11/06, Rich Johnson <nixternal at ubuntu.com > wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Sorry about this double post. Jono Bacon, the new Community Manager for
> Canonical wants to sit down, on IRC, and meet with everyone. Jono is in
> the
> London area, so we would have to do something either early, which I hate,
> or
> something rather late, so we can all get in with this. Jono is really
> cool,
> as he is one of the guys from LUG Radio. He will be our main point of
> contact
> with Canonical from this point on as well.
> Maybe between 11am - 4pm on a weekend, that way there we don't conflict
> with
> work schedules. This meeting is just to go over what we have been doing. I
> know a lot of us have been doing a lot of stuff for Ubuntu on our own, and
> it
> would be great to spread everything we have been doing. Let me know guys.
> Thanks, talk to you soon.
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