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Rich Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 11 19:37:15 BST 2006

Hey everyone,

Sorry about this double post. Jono Bacon, the new Community Manager for 
Canonical wants to sit down, on IRC, and meet with everyone. Jono is in the 
London area, so we would have to do something either early, which I hate, or 
something rather late, so we can all get in with this. Jono is really cool, 
as he is one of the guys from LUG Radio. He will be our main point of contact 
with Canonical from this point on as well.

Maybe between 11am - 4pm on a weekend, that way there we don't conflict with 
work schedules. This meeting is just to go over what we have been doing. I 
know a lot of us have been doing a lot of stuff for Ubuntu on our own, and it 
would be great to spread everything we have been doing. Let me know guys. 
Thanks, talk to you soon.

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