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andrew at abassett.org andrew at abassett.org
Fri Sep 1 03:01:18 BST 2006

> The following have been tossed around on IRC:
> * Install Fest (Maybe work with a LUG or 2 on this)
> * Hack Fest (get to together, code, learn to code, documentation)
> * Advocational/Marketing Meeting
> * Computer Shows (any in the near future?)
> * Gather and demonstrate Ubuntu to the masses

I am interested in learning how to do packaging. I've gone to the MOTU
schools, but it's tough for me to learn like that. Anyone have any
experience in packaging? I'd like to eventually try and take over the
openafs packages since they are not really maintained in Ubuntu.

Also, there are computer shows in Gurnee once a month at a hotel. It's
generally hardware related, but I think it would be a good environment to
hand out some cd's and demo Ubuntu.

Although not directly related to Ubuntu, maybe we could do a mythtv
installfest tied with the Ubuntu installfest for interested folks.

> It is about time for another meeting, so if possible lets shoot for either
> the
> middle or end of September, or maybe into October, making our meetings
> quarterly maybe? Let me know, thanks.

I'll be out of town most of September and the week of October 16th for
recruiting, but otherwise I'm pretty much free.


Andrew Bassett
andrew at abassett.org

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