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Richard Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 15 19:07:21 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 13:01, Matthew M Angeles wrote:
> Hey everyone this is not the post I wanted to make.
> I bought a Dell 1501 after looking for a laptop for months. I got it
> yesterday and I'm pretty happy. I tried installing Ubuntu 6.06/6.10 on
> it and it wasn't working. Went to the forums see if anyone could help,
> but nothing worked. So I decided to just run windows on it for now.
> After installing xp and I needed to get the drivers from Dell's website.
> I downloaded the ones I needed and starting getting excited because I
> was finally gonna get to use my new toy. Somehow I downloaded the bios
> flash instead of the ethernet/video card/sound card drivers and ended up
> flashing my BIOS. It got hung up half way through and after 2 1/2 hours
> I restarted my PC. Now I have a 600 dollar paperweight and feel really
> stupid.
> If anyone can flash by bios out there I'd be a happy camper. I don't
> have cash but I do have some things cool stuff to barter. Single player
> X-Arcade Joystick, Terk TV55 indoor/outdoor HDtv antenna, mini fender
> travel amp, bunch of free drink tickets to a buddies bar in Wicker Park
> (12), Guild Wars Prophecies/Factions account and Half Life 2 for the PC.
> I'm not trying to beg for free help, but I'm really broke. If you want
> any of this stuff and you want to help me out let me know 312-758-1396.
> I can meet you anywhere.
> Matt
> redDEAD

Will the laptop boot up to bios at least?  Will it get past bios at all? What 
about Dell support?

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