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Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Tue Mar 9 19:43:05 UTC 2010

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world


I salute the process though. IMO anything is better than now. Something is

let me repeat DW-
There have been a lot of questions about my vote. I figured that it
would be more productive to reply with my reasons here.

The issues in the group stem from a leadership style that Neal (Flannel)
has. The issues have brought up a lot of controversy with the northern
group. Grant (Grantbow) is one of the people that have brought the
issues to light. It's a philosophy issue between how those in NorCal
think and deal with problems vice those in SoCal.

SoCal thinking has a way of saying "Problems will take care of
themselves." The NorCal thinking is "Deal with the problem ASAP, fix it
and move on." This is where you can break down the issue. My problem is
that when/if a change of power takes place the issue of philosophy will
not change. If someone from NorCal takes over then the issue still
remains as those from SoCal will stir that we are spending too much time
focused on the problems and not enough on what a LoCo should do.

This is why I feel this course of action is like a very small band-aid
to a larger problem. What should be done is a set of bylaws on how to
deal with issues, leadership and how to conduct business. Changing
leaders will not solve this issue.

Jono was right - it's best if I step away from political matters. Before I
did that I put an agenda item, *Voting process*  I'll shut up & see how it
goes. Neal can show his leadership on this. He has his moments, but, IMO he
can be a truly *great* leader if he just pays more attention. I thinks all
this attention on his leadership skills has done just that.

  Lets hear from people that have NOT spoke. My ego has been set aside.

Now is the time, the process has started. Of course we have some great
people here. Lets make the process work great also :D

*"We chose the name Ubuntu for our distribution because we think it captures
perfectly the spirit of the sharing and cooperation that is at the heart of
the open source movement."*    It's a movement!
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