[Ubuntu-US-CA] Asking For Opinion: Leadership Appointment Process

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Tue Mar 9 17:18:28 UTC 2010

Jono Bacon writes:
> Hi All,
> I just want to clarify my original question as there was a little 
> confusion reported to me earlier: I am asking whether you feel that the 
> leadership process is required at all. If you feel the team would 
> benefit from having that process in place, vote with +1, if you feel 
> that the team is running just fine without it, vote -1.
> Sorry for any confusion. Thanks, all!

Now I'm even more confused than I was before. I thought we were
voting on keeping the current setup for a year, then letting the
team vote on leadership after that. Now you clarify we're voting on
whether to have formal leadership at all, ever. That seems very
different from what you said in the first message.

As a relative newcomer I don't know what all these smouldering
issues are or even who a lot of the people are (you know, it
would be really helpful to have a page somewhere that mapped IRC
nicks to real names, or for folks on IRC in leadership positions
to set their realnames).  So I probably should stay out of the
vote anyway, but I have to say this process is confusing.


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