[Ubuntu-US-CA] Configuring Ubuntu 10.10 on Mac G3

Terry Hollowell hollowtd at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 18:17:13 UTC 2010

Hi All

I hope it's OK to send out an E-mail but I wasn't sure of the guidelines or
rules about this so sorry if there is another more formal way to approach
the group with questions. First off, I'd like to know if there will be any
group meetings (like the ones I've seen held at coffee houses for help)
coming up soon? (In San Francisco area)

The reason I ask is because I've put Ubuntu 10.10 (ppc) on my iBook G3 and
was hoping to get some help configuring some things. I'm having trouble
getting compiz to act as the windows manager, and enabling some simple
things like graphics etc. I know a little but was wondering if any one would
be willing to help me with some of my issues/questions and guide me as a
teacher perhaps. One on one or perhaps a meet up or whatever in San
Francisco. I can pay for your time, coffee, transport as I'd love to learn
more about what the heck I'm doing. (I've used 10.04 on my macbook for some
time successfully but the ppc stuff is beyond me).

Cheers for your time and please correct me if there is a better way to reach
out. (I've also gone to forums and gotten some help so I do know about that
option as well.)

Cheers again for your time and Happy New Year.


Terry Hollowell

www.giveaRAM.org (laptop donations to Africa)
"Doesn't anyone giveaRAM? We know you do!"
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