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It was pointed out that I didn't have the time when this show will be
airing.  Doh! It will be airing on Monday, 12/13/10.

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I just spoke with a program manager for a TV show called ABC 7 Live.  They
> are interested in having supporters of Linux in schools (and particularly
> Partimus.org) attend a show. The show airs daily from 3 pm to 4 pm.  I need
> a list of 25 people who will attend.  I need the list by Thursday at 3 pm.
>  You must be on the list to be admitted to the studio.  I am coordinating
> the list, so please be sure to email me to get on the list. You can watch
> shows from the archive here
> 7liveonline.com
> They have had famous people like Mark Zuckerberg on this show.
> The show features a host, Brian Copeland, with his two co-hosts, Elizabeth
> Bermuda and Jennifer Jolly.  Jennifer Jolly was an anchor on another ABC
> show.
> During the show, the hosts will be chatting about technology and
> non-profits, and they will ask questions of 10 people in a portion of the
> audience called the Voice Box.  Apparently, the Voice Box is situated just
> to the left of the hosts, and the hosts will talk with them occasionally.
>  Apparently, there will time for numerous sound bites from the audience, say
> 5 to 10 seconds in length.  It is not a lot of time for speeches, but it is
> time for several one-liners from the audience in response to questions from
> the hosts.  Audience members are also allowed to boo and to clapp.
> Again, the focus of this show will be technology and non-profits, and so
> the hosts will be asking us substantive questions that call for brief,
> snappy, on-point responses.  My impression is that this is a serious
> opportunity for us to present Partimus to a Bay Area audience.
> We need 25 people to come to the Jackson Square district of San Francisco
> at Front and Pacific on Monday, December 13, 2010.  The Voice Box section of
> the audience can hold 10 people, and 2 people unrelated to Partimus have
> aleady signed up to be on that show.  During a break in the show, the hosts
> will rotate people out of the Voice Box so that others can rotate into the
> Voice Box and participate in the show.  Even if you don't want to get into
> the Voice Box, this is an opportunity to support Partimus and Linux by
> showing up and cheering and making noise when Partimus or Linux is
> mentioned.  They want a lively show, so enthusiasm will definitely help.
> If you want to show up, you need to send me an email confirming that you
> will be there, and I will add your name to a list of attendees.  Your name
> must be on the list for you to be admitted to the show.  Please do RSVP
> early for this event!
> Dear Christian & Partimus,
> Welcome and thank you for participating in *7Live’s* “Voice Box” studio
> audience,
> *Studio Location:*
> *7Live* is broadcast from the ABC studio located at 900 Front Street, San
> Francisco, CA  94111. *7Live’s* audience entrance is located on the North
> side of the building on Green Street between Embarcadero and Front Streets.
> *Time:*
> Our doors open for admittance at 2:15pm outside the ABC studio on Green
> Street. *7Live* airs Monday through Friday, 3 - 4 p.m. PT. Ticket holders
> should plan to be at the studio by 2:15 p.m. and should plan on leaving at
> 4:15 p.m. Anyone arriving after 2:30pm will not be admitted. The show
> begins at 3:00pm and ends at 4pm sharp. The show will be so fun and exciting
> you’ll be on the edge of your seat, but you must remain there for the
> duration of the show. *7Live* tickets are FREE, so we overbook slightly
> and cannot guarantee admission.
> *Transportation:* Audience members are responsible for their own
> transportation to and from our studio, unless special arrangements have been
> made with a member of the *7Live* production staff. *7Live* does not
> reimburse for travel expenses or lost wages. We recommend car pooling or
> taking public transportation to the ABC studio. If you take Bart the
> Embarcadero stop is a short walk to the studio. If you plan on driving there
> are parking lots on either side of the ABC building, fees are $16.00 and
> $18.00. There is two hour and four hour meter parking available on both
> Green and Front Streets. If you park at a meter you will NOT be able to
> leave to feed your meter during the show.
> *What you should wear:* When you look great, the show looks great! We
> reserve the right to deny entry to anyone dressed inappropriately..We
> suggest wearing solid, jewel-toned colors (deep blues, reds, greens,
> etc.). Please do not wear all white/off-white clothing; offensive writing or
> suggestive clothing is not permitted. It can get cold in the studio, we
> recommend bringing a sweater or jacket. As a courtesy to the other guests
> please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne the day you attend the show.
> *We are all about having a great show and a great time and we are excited
> for you to be part of that, but before we get the party started we need go
> over a few rules:*
> ·         Everyone must be at least 14yrs. old. Anyone under the age of 18
> must be accompanied by an adult.
> ·         Video devices, backpacks or large bags are not allowed. Cameras
> are permitted but may only be used after the show.
> ·         Eating, drinking and smoking in the studio is not permitted.
> ·         All audience members must remain seated for the entirety of the
> show. Please be aware that there will NOT be opportunities to leave to use
> the restroom, make calls or feed parking meters.
> ·         Please be prepared to pass through security and metal detectors
> to enter the studio.
> ·         Anything that *7Live* security or staff has deemed dangerous,
> disruptive or offensive will be confiscated.
> ·         The *7Live* staff reserves the right to refuse anyone entry that
> they feel are displaying dangerous or disruptive behavior.
>  *ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF* during the show.  If your cell phone
> is on, it can cause interference with the wireless microphones.
> **7Live* is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
> *By accepting this ticket and admittance to 7Live’s studio audience:*
> Please be advised that a taping of the show and its audience is taking
> place. Your presence constitutes consent to permit KGO Television, Inc. and
> its independent contractors to photograph, record, film or videotape your
> likeness and/or voice and your child's, and to use your likeness and your
> child's in any manner or media now known or hereafter created without
> payment.
> * *
> *Special needs:*
> You MUST notify us if a guest in a wheelchair will be attending the show.
> If you, or someone in your party uses a wheelchair or requires assistance,
> please phone us at: (415) 954-7733 after requesting your tickets. Any
> special accommodations are subject to availability and are at the discretion
> of the studio.
> --
> Christian Einfeldt,
> Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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