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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
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On 22/11/14 22:12, Gareth France wrote:
> I am a PAT tester and have found over my time in the role that the 
> software is a total rip off! If you purchase a digital camera,
> scanner, webcam or anything else that interfaces with a PC you get
> the software to make it go. Spend £1,000 on a PAT tester and you
> are then expected to pay £300 on top just for the privilege of
> being able to download the data!
> The latest version of the software in question is even worse, it
> costs £109 + VAT annually! And of course it doesn't work on Linux.
> I have methods of accessing the basic data required but have just
> found out the latest and greatest machine I would love to have has
> several features which are only downloadable in their custom format
> which is not text readable. My machine has the old version of this
> custom format and the machine I would like uses a revised version.
> I am told it is very difficult to reverse engineer it.
> An example of the older file format is here: 
> www.cliftonts.co.uk/SSS
> So my question is this, how does one go about accessing a file like
> this when they do not know the format? I have worked with text
> based files, CSV etc but never something which does not load in a
> text editor.
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> Thanks Gareth

What happens if you load in to a Hex editor,


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