[ubuntu-uk] Constant crashing

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Sat May 31 08:14:48 UTC 2014

On 31/05/14 08:44, Gareth France wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply guys. For some reason as yet unexplained 
> Thunderbird decided to tell me I had unread emails but wouldn't 
> display them! It's not running slowly at all, it just freezes at 
> random points forcing you to power-cycle. I will be taking another 
> look at it later on today. I may try a re-install with one of the 
> other flavours, we'll see.

I've been getting this kind of behaviour with Thunderbird for a while.  
It's very noticeable on my rather slow netbook, but it happens too, on 
my up-to-the-mark quad core desktop, although for a much shorter time.  
It seems to be something to do with gmail downloading sometimes 
thousands of e-mails into 'all-mail' boxes (although I can't be sure 
this is where the problem starts.  I have two imap accounts that use 
g-mail as the carrier.  Other accounts such as gmx don't seem to have 
this problem.  On the netbook, sometimes Thunderbird greys out for up to 
a minute before resuming. Sometimes while I'm typing an e-mail, the 
cursor freezes for a few seconds.

Anyone else notice this?  The problem has been around for months now, 
and was there in 12.04 through later releases including Utopic (which 
I'm using now).

Regards,        Barry.

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