[ubuntu-uk] After XP - an experience re Ubuntu and printer

Peter Smout smoutpete at gmail.com
Sun May 4 11:29:11 UTC 2014

On 04/05/14 12:13, alan c wrote:
> Just a snippet to report a nice experience. Below is a quote from a
> *novice* who had been currently using only XP on a very old PC.  With
> suggestions from me and others, he purchased a low end naked Novatech
> PC after himself discussing his need with Novatech (and finding they
> said this PC would be fine with Ubuntu....). I installed 12.04 for him
> and transferred email to it via Mozilla Thunderbird facilities.
> Time ran out at the discovery that his existing Dell all in one
> printer was not recognised. I briefly discussed printers and left a
> firm offer to help in detail with a printer purchase when he was next
> available.
> I have now received an email from him containing this.
> ======================
> John Lewis at High Wycombe and spoke to an assistant re Ubuntu
> and he told me that he had installed it on his machine at home and he
> was very satisfied.
> With this in mind I told him what I wanted and he came up with an HP
> Photosmart 5524 machine for £56-00 which I bought and I think that I
> have set it up  correctly
> ======================
> We are doing something right Guys!
> Thanks to ALL.
> ;-)
Good to know! thats two this weekend, I have converted my Brother, he 
too also only used XP on an old (ish) machine, installed Ubuntu 14.10 
alongside (for now He's still nervous)! Everything Just Worked (tm) 
wifi, printer, sound, graphics, straight out of the tin!

Left him going around Software Centre muttering "wow", "is that free as 
well" "I'll look at that later"!

He cant believe how quick and responsive it is compared to XP and the 
idea of free software has completely blown his mind "I had no idea you 
could get everything for free"

If this is representative of how "easy" the install and change over is 
now.....if we could all just introduce one person to the joys of *buntu, 
just a thought!

Pete S

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