[ubuntu-uk] Comparing installed packages

Mark Fraser mfraz74+ubuntu at gmail.com
Sun May 4 12:28:32 UTC 2014

I've got 4 computers here that I would like to compare the installed packages 
on each one together. I've done dpkg --get-selection > installed.txt on each 
computer, but now I'm trying to merge each one into a single file and leave a 
space where a package isn't installed.

Instead of:
Acpi-support	 acpi-support	Acpi-support		acpi-support
adduser		    acroread		adduser				adduser
Adobereader-enu acroread-bin	adobereader-enu	adobereader-enu

I'd like:
Acpi-support	 acpi-support	Acpi-support		acpi-support
adduser								adduser				adduser
Adobereader-enu					adobereader-enu	adobereader-enu

Any ideas how to achieve this?
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