[ubuntu-uk] 12.10 without updates works

MARTIN DIXON mh.dixon at btinternet.com
Fri May 3 15:52:16 UTC 2013


Regret if this is a little vague (I have ME). I would be grateful for some (idiot guide level) advice but am prepared to put in some real effort!  

Background see question 225170 also I started on Ubuntu 11.04 added all updates and upgraded to 11.10 ditto to 12.04 ditto to 12.10 which I found rather slow so reverted to 12.04.  About 19th March I received updates which I noticed included a kernel update (although this may be a red herring) - result random system fail messages, references to "precise" and diagonal coloured bars on screen all resulting in total lockup apart from the mouse.  I could not see any way to get any sensible "bug" type evidence so raised the question.

Having become complacent and not having done an immediately preceding backup I panicked and may have altered some basic settuings  So to try a clean start I obtained the 12.04 and 12.10 discs.  I have trialled various combinations and have found the only successful system is to erase the HD and reinstall 12.10 with no updates.  

I have not lost any vital data and am relaxed with the 12.10 at present, but am concerned that I am repidly getting out of date.  I would also like to try to make some real contribution to the 'community'.  

Any advice re finding the cause, reporting a real bug, etc would be gratefully received.  Be blunt I can stand it!

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