[ubuntu-uk] Decent, Cheap, Laptop for Ubuntu

Roland Dunn roland.dunn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 12:07:03 UTC 2013

Wonder if anyone can help.

I'm looking to purchase a decent laptop, to be used with Ubuntu. I
know, many laptops work with Ubuntu, I was just wondering whether
there's a particular brand/model people use. Not interested in a Mac.

I'm open to second hand. So any source where folks get them from would
be useful too. Looking for around 6GB RAM.

One key thing: must *not* get hot. I've been using a Dell XPS M1530
for a good few years, but it gets so hot (and that's even using a
cooling gadget underneath it) it's almost unusable.

Any thoughts/opinions really welcome.



w: http://www.cloudshapes.co.uk/

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