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Steven Roberts cwmbranmathstutor at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 18:38:47 UTC 2013


Rails Girls Summer of Code

"“Two women. One summer. Big-time coding dreams.“  Nicole and Laura are
spending this summer as interns at SoundCloud, mentored by SoundCloud
engineers. They’re here as participants in Rails Girls Summer of Code: an
initiative focused on bringing more women into the world of open source."

I've not yet read this but it looks like a very upbeat article about Open
Source. I didn't previously know that Soundcloud embraces Open Source.

Aaaah - just realised that this is not necessarily Ubuntu related!!! But it
doesn't have to be, does it? My memories of the forum rules are becoming
somewhat nebulous.. (Thankyou for people's previous responses to my
previous message about inl*ne posting!! All much appreciated.)

I have got an Ubuntu question though...

What has people's experiences of Steam been like on Buntu?? My son has been
playing Kerbal Space Program via Steam and I'd quite like to set it up on
my Linux box. My main 'rig' is stuck in 11.10 I'm ashamed to say - thinking
of going down the Lubuntu 13.04 route.

Kind regards,

Steve Roberts.

IT Tutor

Newport, South Wales.
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